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Tualatin Elementary is looking for volunteers to help in our garden during the 2020-2021 school year, as students are not in class and able to assist!

 Winter time is a great time for planning our garden for Spring and Summer. We could use volunteer families to take these tasks on. 1st graders come out to the garden to experience weather and use our rain gauge to track how much rain our garden gets. 2nd grade usually brainstorms what their favorite vegetables are to eat and that master list is used for seeding our garden. 3rd grade students usually plant peas this month so that we have crops in May & June. 4th grade students write simple letters about our garden and ask a few local businesses for donations. We have focused on seeds, plant starts, wood chips and compost in the past. We are not back in person learning together yet. You can still enjoy the benefits of our outdoor classroom and stay physically distanced. Have Fun in the Garden!

This is a great opportunity to learn about nature, gardening, and create memories.

Sign up for a slot with your POD on signupgenius.

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Did you know...

Our garden is on social media!

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Our garden is run by the amazing Paul Taylor (OCNP Garden Design & Consultation) and by the students and families of Tualatin Elementary School.

The garden grows food for our students and our community, and provides students an opportunity to be a part of the outdoors, appreciate nature, give back to others, and get a taste of fresh fruit and veggies fresh from the earth.