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Volunteer Opportunties​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: 

T​his year, your PTA has brought you a variety of events and raised funds for our school that were used for field trips, supplies, our garden, and more. However at the end of this year some of our amazing committee heads are moving on, along with our PTA President and other board members. If we would like to continue to provide the same level of support to our students and teachers next year, we need parents to volunteer for these PTA Board and Committee positions. If the committee head positions are not filled, the events will not happen next year. If the board positions - especially President - are not filled, NO events will happen in the future at all. Please help us continue to support our students and teachers by volunteering just a few hours of your time. The more volunteers we have the stronger the next year will be!

 NEW THIS YEAR: All board members and committee heads will be eligible for FREE PTA state membership and FREE spiritwear (limit: 2 kids t-shirts or 1 adult). All volunteer opportunities can be co-chaired with a friend!

So what do these positions entail? Let's talk about that:

What this is: the tasks vary based on how much you want to take on and how much you delegate but include: monthly meetings with the Principal and Site Council, running PTA meetings, coordinating with the PTA board and committee chairs about events, ensuring our non-profit status remains in tact, etc.
Time commitment: ongoing through a two year period, but is however much time you want to put in.
Other notes: Our current president has a wealth of knowledge documented on the exact details of what the job entails and we may have one parent interested in co-chairing (ie, sharing!) the president position. You will have an experienced board to help you every step of the way! This position would be a great way to give back! Our current president is happy to talk more about this position if you are interested (and I hear she buys coffee)!

Board Position: VP of Fundraising:
What it is: working with local restaurants on restaurant night and reaching out to the community for donations as needed. Attending PTA meetings to provide updates.
Time commitment: a couple hours a month, ongoing throughout the year.

Board Position: Treasurer
What it is: Coordinate reimbursement of expenses, file annual tax returns, make bank deposits.
Time commitment: a couple hours a month, ongoing throughout the year.

Committee Chair: Harvest Festival
What it is: planning and organizing our annual harvest festival and leading a team of volunteers to help bring about the harvest festival of your dreams!
Time commitment: September - October

Committee Chair: Boo-hoo Woo-hoo
What it is: Organizing coffee and snacks for parents on the first day of school (once for kinder parents and once for grades 2-5)
Time commitment: early September 

Committee Chair: Back to School Night
What it is: This is run by the school but we need PTA members to help – it’s a night where families come meet the teachers and staff, get some food, and have some fun! It's an opportunity for the PTA to talk with parents about events during the year and get more volunteers. This last year we had a table with membership forms and a raffle for free water bottles for those who signed up for PTA!
Time commitment: September

Committee Chair: Fun Run
What it is: Working with our outside vendor (they do a lot of the work!) to fundraise, working with staff to organize a day of active activities for the students, work with a team of volunteers for the day of. This is a great opportunity for a group of people to help with prize distribution and working with the online donation platform.
Time commitment: Aug - Sept or Oct

Committee Chair: Winter Holiday
What it is: Organizing our gingerbread event! Work with Aggie and the staff to assemble the houses, and lead a team of volunteers to help pull off the event! Biggest commitment here is buying supplies, making the frosting and organizing the candy / refreshment donations.
Time Commitment: November-December (maybe start in Oct due to holidays)

Committee Chair: Read-a-thon
What it is: Lead a team of volunteers to reach out for donations, utilize our donation platform for students to fundraise, track progress for prizes, and encourage students to read!
Time Commitment: Jan-March

Committee Chair: Auction
What it is: Lead a team of volunteers to organize and throw a night of food and auction. Work with local businesses for donations, venue, etc. Lots of room for creativity with our biggest fundraiser that happens once every two years!
Time commitment: Aug-May

Committee Head: 5th Grade Celebration
What it is: lead a team to throw a party celebrating our 5th graders! Room for creativity.
Time frame: April-June

Committee Head: Co-Chair / coordinator of Art Lit
What it is: Join our current art-lit coordinator in establishing art projects to be done in class by students. Teach the project to parents who will teach the class!
Time commitment: Once a quarter you will lead the "Teach the teacher night" and coordinate volunteers, a couple hours a month.

Committee Head: Membership and Childcare Organizer
What it is: Help the PTA keep track of membership (who joined, who paid, etc), encourage more parents to join. Help to organize childcare for PTA meetings.
Time commitment: minimal but ongoing

Please reach out to tualatinpta@gmail.com if you have questions or would like to volunteer for any of the above. 

​​Please contact the Tualatin PTA via tualatinpta@gmail.com if you're interested in volunteering!